BLOOM is a aiming to Transform the visit of a city into a learning experience. Inspired on the works of experts on education, philosophers, such as of Ken Robinson, John Dewey, Aristoteles, and more: Bloom join travelers into the discovering new things.

Our content is carefully designed to foster in kids, families or students a deeper and multidimensional approach of a given Cultural Scape. We strongly believe that enduring curiosity, creativity and confidence in children is key , and for this we prioritize hands on activities that recall , analytics ,perception, and enjoyment

Our distinction is to bespoke a circuit or visit according to each party. Flexible, unique and interdisciplinary: we are committed to show our clients not only the meaning behind the pieces of art, architecture, urbanism, etc but also the /people behind it, and their context in history.

Paris offers an unlimited source of different topics to be approached, therefore is perfect to propose Curated and Personal experiences when visiting its cultural sites.

Our mission is to help kids finding their voice, giving them the authority to think about and talk about art. Not everyone grows up to be an artist, but we can all explore with the help of the right tools. Therefore the objective is to give children the vocabulary to navigate their own world of images, to make them active participants in visual culture, and not just consumers. These skills have never been more relevant than they are today.

Aiming to expand the access to culture for everyone, Bloom dedicates the 10% of its earning to benevole experiences for immigrants and handicap or other sectors of our society who need our attention, Please don’t hesitate contacting me to request an experience for free.




All family tours are private, but you can always book a group tour trough our Airbnb page. Students groups are coordinated with teachers or tutors and are planed well in advance. The Cancellation policies guarantee a full refund 2 weeks prior to the activities and a 50% refund 1 week before.

We can do children’s only visits only if they are joined by their nani, for insurance purposes (our guides are not responsible for the children).

We recommend this museum visits for kids aged 6 or older, because of the content rich in History and Art. Younger children can participate, but they will need the help of the parents or older siblings to conquer the challenges (detective games)

During high seasons (all year vacations or brakes times) the principal monuments or museums are very crowded.We provide skip-the-line tickets, but on very busy days, there might be a line for security checks, however our guides have official priorities and waiting time is enriched and fulfilled.

Once the tour is finished, you are Wellcome to a community of Educational Travel Supporters having access to information and papers that will keep nursing kids’ culture and creativity




We are natural born educators, who have advanced degrees on different areas of expertise. Capable to make meaningful connections with people and who thoroughly enjoy sharing our passion for the city and its culture