• Group Size: 6 max
  • Minimum Age: 12
  • Urban Safari
  • Skip the line Access to Arc du Trionphe
  • Accessibility: 4 km walk
  • Includes: Urban discovery guide book


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  • Duration 3 hours
  • Flat rate 150€ Private tour


On this 3 hours walking tour we will walk on the shoes of an Urban Planer as we decipher how Paris came to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world

Families will learn How, Who, When and Why this city came to be. We will go trough the processes of :classification, dissection and comparative analysis. The main objective of this visit is to discover the logics that govern Paris’ urban form


We are all fascinated by Paris “The city of Lights”. The city that E. Haussmann dreamed of and that today is a model of beauty and elegance. We will immerse into the Haussmann urban fabric and compare it with other international cities

* to explore certain concepts on greater depth we will use Scientific methods of observation

* to establish an overarching logic we will approach the city from different points of view

* to enlarge the period and range of study we will move / shift from periods of time

Finally we will question the paradigms that define an urban and architectural model
Determined to create progress , Mr. Haussmann aimed to transform Paris into an exemplary industrial society through his program of improvements . He therefore intended to fulfill at once social aspirations , human needs , and technological evolutions . This plan , supported by a century of experimentation , was able to resolve ahead of time an equation that is indispensable to the city of tomorrow , one which is profoundly collective in its thinking and thrifty in its consumption . ” Paris Haussmann ” seeks to qualify , quantity , and calibrate the criteria that form a model at once known and yet , somehow still largely unknown . Its revealed capacities encourage us to reconsider the axioms of current urban planning and design within a context where performance requirements exist harmoniously with the pleasure of hab itation , where resilience becomes architecture.


Departing above the Arc du Triumph we will conceive the master plan of the city

arc du Triumph , Champs Elyses , Rue St Honore, Gare St Lazare, Grands Boulevards, Opera Garnier

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Tickets to the Arc du Triumph

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