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Van Gogh

When coming to the Louvre and going trough the Gallery of Apollo: don’t miss out the Regent Diamond . Acquired in 1717 by the Regent of France le Duque d’Orleans for an astronomical price.

Watch this precious video edited by Le Petit Louvre To understand its extraordinary history. And don’t forget Learn more about the art of diamonds cutting and the geography of precious stones in my following posts.

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Why Monalisa is so Famous?


24thGrasp the essence of Da Vinci´s work in his quest to find the essence of life , the shape of God.This exhibit gather more than 160 different works of Leonardo where he displays not only the studies he conducted to describe the soul’s movement but also his quest to intertwine art, science , philosophy in order to make of painting a devine expression.MY ADVISESThis exhibit is very crowded and overwhelming for Small kids, I wouldn’t recommend to take them due to the difficulty of approaching the pieces. Make sure to sign in at the entrance to experience Mona Lisa in 3D.Please go as early as possible, it get more and more crowded as the day goes by. You can present 20 min earlier or after your scheduled entranceCheck out this link to have a general overview of the works at the exhibit.