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BA in architecture en Masters in Urban Planing, Lecturer Guide in Paris

I graduated from the top Latin American Architecture school ITESM – Monterrey in 2004 with a Master’s degree in Urbanism from IUAV -Venice. However in my life I always followed my hearth mixing academic school with different cultural activities such as Working at the guest service department of Disney World – Epcot when I was 19teen or backpacking around the world when 22 while studying abroad specific subjects such as Textiles in Guatemala, or Archeology in Chiapas [for example ]

I spent 2 years at Mayan Riviera, in the luxury hotel sector , working for [Amansala Eco Chi resorts ]. Here i learned so much from my incredible mentors Melisa Pearlman and Erica Gragg who’s passion for creating beautiful experiences and cultural activities always inspire me.

Back in my country 2006 – 2010 Bolivia I worked the 2 first for the Minister of Culture as head designer / -production of cultural events.

From 2009 – 2010 My mission was to travel the inner lands of the Andes, together with the World Bank commission in order to produce a report on the environmental state of the Titicaca Lake Territory. This lead to further master studies on territory and urban planing at the IUAV -Venice – Barcelona -Paris university.

In Paris all of a sudden my life changed when I became A Mother and from then 2013 education became a Question, therefore an intense time of self learning started and discovered my passion and talent to teach and to transmit culture to children. Today I feel ready to assemble everything I learned and make my dream come true while promoting cultural democracy. Helping each other !

We are open to partnerships, interships and exchanges in order to provide all children the possibility to keep on learning !

From my young age I have being traveling around the world and I always enjoyed understanding people’s culture, territory, history, etc . My best reward is to plant a seed in children’s curiosity and capacity to see the world form many points of view, while enriching the families’ cultural knowledge.

s an architect expert in history of urbanism and passioned for art. I strongly believe that an architect not only designs spaces, but also situations, experiences and tells stories; this ephemeral construction can last in time only if it becomes a creative experience. City’s like Paris have all the necessary elements to compose, design or create meaningful and unique moments to be experienced in family or groups of students.

My background enables to take you trough time & space, connecting the dots in a fun way. With more than 1500 guest and their great feedback I am capable to calibrate the content according to the ages-interest of the kids, and develop and interdisciplinary curriculum connecting multiple subjects.

Becoming a mother helped me to immerse into children’s education through art, so my walks are designed as a dynamic fun and interactive experience based on pedagogy & art studies. The sequences, masterpieces, and stories are carefully selected in order to make the most of your visit.
I wish with all my heart to foster kids understanding of the world from many points of view.


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