• Group Size: 7 people
  • Minimum Age: 6 yo
  • Type: Urban Safari
  • Accessibility : 3 km walk
  • Includes: no tickets needed
  • Didactic material


  • Tell us your date(s)
  • 2.5 hours walk
  • Flat rate: 150 €

Join this expedition through the historic hearth of Paris.This walk is the perfect introduction to the city’s history while discovering the Top 10 iconic sites that set the basis of its origins

Travel in time to discover how it all began: from the celtics to the romans,from the barbars to the kings, from royalty to republic, from wars to peace. Together we will transform the public squares, streets, and monuments into an interactive classroom, or even better: we will transform the city into our playground. Learning by playing is the goal !!!

The circuit will include: the Louvre, Pont Neuf, ile de la Cite, Notre Dame, Latin Quarter – Ile St Louis, and more. Maps, cards and Riddles will challenge the family to descipher and hunt all the treasures hidden in the different monuments, together we will revive the stories and leyends of Knights, Kings, Queens, Emperors and the Parisians who roomed these cobbled stone streets

Our walk will end at the Ile St Louis, by then your family will have learned to grasp the meaningful details, capture the spirit and history of Paris and have produced a unique travel diary filled with your notes, memories and hunts – to keep as a souvenir of this Paris unique experience specially created for families.

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