• Group Size: 6 people
  • Minimum age: 6yo
  • Type: Cultural Visit
  • Includes: Skip the Line Access
  • More: Booklet of Activities, Radio Transmition


  • Ask for a date
  • Duration 3 hours
  • Flat rate 150 €

Louvre for kids is the ideal learning experience !!!!

I will turn your visit to the world ‘s most famous museum of art into a fun learning experience where you will become part of an adventure made for explorers. Your whole family will embark on a fascinating expedition to discover different civilizations: we will travel back in time to learn about art thanks to the Louvre invaluable collections.


During this interactive and exciting treasure hunt, families will work as a team of detectives, discovering clues and solving riddles or puzzles in order to analyze and decode the meaning, details and secrets that lie behind the most famous pieces of the museum such as the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and more. All the pieces are selected for its relevance as milestones that marked the evolution of art history; what’s more: the 3-hour tour is enriched with exciting stories that will lead you to discover the essence of the Louvre and the dynasties of kings that inhabited it.


As soon as we meet I will give an introduction of the museum and launch THE CHALLENGE. After a quick skip-the-line access to the Louvre, we’ll travel back in time to the medieval foundations of the Louvre: this is the place where it all began as a military fortress, later converted into a royal residence, and finally transformed into a museum. With the Help of a Map and an exploration booklet you will find the keys that open the doors into new worlds. Each gallery in the museum holds not only beautiful, but also significant pieces of art that you will need to decipher in order to gain access to the artist’s world. At the end of the visit you will get to know not just the remarkable pieces of the Louvre (art: Egyptian, Greek, medieval, Roman, Italian, French, Renaissance) but you will also gain a general understanding of the Louvre Palace, its protagonists, and their role in the history of France.


This tour is designed to give children an entertaining introduction to art appreciation while the activities train their observation skills, critical thinking, curiosity, and ability to analyze the artist’s choices to represent a certain subject. Teamwork will merge ages and talents, stimulating creativity and sharpening observation from different points of view.Visual thinking strategies will be helpful in stimulating imagination when exploring artwork


The challenging size of the Museum is the perfect playground for a real adventure journey in time and space. This experience is designed to meaningfully and memorably enjoy the Louvre as a Family.


Itinerary / Customize your Tour


Departing from outside we will step into the biggest museum of the world and the ex-palace of the kings of France, packed with stories and intrigues the building alone is a whole subject of study.

The itinerary will cover as well the 15 highlights of the Louvre : from the Great masters such as: Michel Angelo, Leonardo, Raphael but also antiquities such as Venus de Milo , Victory of Samothrace, Tanis’ Sphinx , etc. All these amazing civilizations and cultures together in one place are hard to cover in 3 hours so I can customize the circuit according to your interests.


A customized itinerary and content, which can mix:

* Antiquities Tour
* Dutch and Flemish Tour
* French Masters Tour
* Architecture Tour
* Italian Masters Tour


Tour Includes/ Tour excludes


  • Bloom’s Booklet of activities, colors, stickers
  • Extra time in case children need to rest and have something to eat at the cafeteria
  • Mini treasures to collect as we unlock the secrets of the master pieces

Journey details

  • Meet outside the big pyramid of the Louvre. Right by the sculpture of Louis XIV
  • Walking distance 3 km, 1.8 miles
  • We finish right under the Great pyramid


Meeting Point

Reviews Airbnb

Nos filles ont adoré découvrir le Louvre avec Cécilia. Elle a su intéresser 2 ados qui vont en garder quelque chose alors pour ça merci! C'était un petit challenge 😊

Cecilia did a great job in keeping my daughter, 9 years old, very interested in the tour. For kids who are just starting to learn about culture, the Louvre can be a bit overwhelming. However, Cecila was great in keeping the visit interesting and even interactive! Thank you Cecila for your energy and enthusiam. I recommend her for sure !

Nous avions déjà visité le louvre mais jamais avec un guide. Et nous avons eu la chance d'avoir une perle rare disponible , attentionnée et passionnante durant toute cette visite. A faire et à refaire sans regrets , nous recommandons très fortement

Sólo tengo palabras de agradecimiento, Cecilia es una extraordinaria guia y nos ha hecho disfrutar mucho del Museo de Louvre, la recomiendo 100%, gran profesional!!!

La visita guiada que Cecilia nos ha ofrecido ha ido mucho más allá de nuestras expectativas. Nos ha hecho una visita única, captando nuestra atención y la de nuestros hijos en todo momento. Le apasiona lo que hace y lo transmite siempre. Un 10 de 10.

Nous avons adoré cette visite. Cecilia a su passionner nos 3 filles (et nous aussi) pendant plusieures heures au Louvre, en leur inculquant des notions d histoire de l art et de techniques avec passion et bonne humeur. Bravo pour cette 1ere visite en francais qui a été un vrai succès !


Our tour and guide were absolutely wonderful! Quentin was extremely enthusiastic about sharing his extensive knowledge of the art inside the Louvre with us. He handled having a mixed group of adults and different aged children wonderfully and captivated everyone’s attention equally. If we had the time, we could have easily spent a week with him and been able to learn so much. He was friendly and attentive and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


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