• group Size 6 max
  • private
  • Min Age 7
  • Duration 02h00


  • junary 17, 2020
  • 6:00PM
  • 120


Experience the Louvre as a Civilizations’ quest, As a journey of discovery in Family !! While encountering the Main masterpieces of the collection; families will also learn the story of this magnificent museum that once was a Palace.

This experience is more than a treasure hunt, it is a session to learn how to observe and perceive beauty by the works of the MASTERS; aims to understand the role of art in history and in our society, I am committed to teach children some tools that will boost their creativity, sensitivity , curious, eager to learn from art.


This experience will show you Paris XIXc trough the eyes of the artists: from the industrial revolution to “la belle époque” . I highlight this transition in order to understand how art helped to push the boundaries and express this moment in history.

We will immerse into the world of the Impressionists, post Impressionists to catch the essence and evolution of these movements and the curiosity that drove the scientific / creative spirit of the protagonists .

This tour is all about kids finding their voice, about giving them the authority to think about and talk about art. Not everyone grows up to be an artist, but we can all explore with the help of the right tools. Therefore the objective is to give children the vocabulary to navigate their own world of images, to make them active participants in visual culture, and not just consumers. These skills have never been more relevant than they are today.

Itinerary / Customize your Tour

Departing from outside we will step into the biggest museum of the world and the ex-palace of the kings of France, packed with stories and intrigues the building alone is a whole subject of study.

The itinerary will cover as well the 15 highlights of the Orsay : from the Great masters such as: Michel Angelo, Leonardo, Raphael but also antiquities such as Venus de Milo , Victory of Samothrace, Tanis’ Sphinx , etc. All these amazing civilizations and cultures together in one place are hard to cover in 3 hours so I can customize the circuit according to your interests.

Tour Includes/ Tour excludes

  • Bloom’s Booklet of activities, colors
  • Mini treasures to collect as we unlock the secrets of the master pieces

Meeting Point

  • Meet outside the Museum. Right by the sculpture of The rhinoceros.
  • Walking distance 2 km, 1.2 miles
  • We finish inside the Museum so you can keep on exploring

Meeting Point

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