From Family’s scavenger hunt to hidden secrets and detailed observation of masterpieces. In this customized tour, we will navigate the collections of the Louvre with no worries of getting lost or wasting time, based on your expectations and preferences I can customize an incredible tour that will take the most of your visit to the Louvre.

My extensive experience guiding in this museum will be at your service and I will prepare your tour in advance to make sure you get the best of it all

Maps and discovery cards will direct us towards featured galleries where observation games are waiting. We will analyze in a fun and creative way a careful selection of the Louvre’s masterpieces: the whole family will hunt for details and learn more about a theme or idea by using a variety of thinking tools and interactive activities.

This tour is designed as an interactive experience in order to raise curiosity and love of art. Decipher the Louvre’s masterpieces together with the family is the perfect way to enjoy the museu

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